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Publication Services for Businesses and Professionals

Science, medical, and business editing
Scholarly editing
Trade book editing
Publication management
Print and Web design
E-book publishing

The Copyeditor’s Desk works with your business to provide the best in communication for your clients, for your patients, for your customers, for your employees. If your needs have to do with print or web publishing, we can help you.

We help business owners, publishing houses, scholars, and professionals in medicine, psychology, and the law with all aspects of print and Web publication, from writing and editing through design and composition of the final product.

For Businesses and Professional Practices

Enhance communication with customers, suppliers, and employees
Write website content, or improve content that already exists
Edit books and articles relevant to your business or industry
Ghostwrite articles and books intended for business promotion
Arrange and oversee design and production of print and electronic books
Package books and long documents, such as annual reports, employee manuals, and customer or patient education

For Scholars, Scientists, and Publishing Houses

Edit scholarly and scientific articles and books
Edit trade books
Edit and proofread genre fiction
Index monographs, collections, trade books, and textbooks
Edit technical documents
Edit dissertations and theses
Help junior faculty convert the dissertation into a publishable book
Copyedit content for scholarly journals

For Independent Publishers

Format e-books in three platforms
Edit copy
Index books (page proofs required)
Coach creative writers in book development
Ghost-write book projects
Assist with website writing and design
Arrange and oversee print book layout and cover design

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