Working Words 2.1: Book Publishing for Your Business Profit • New Developments, New Staff

A Quarterly Newsletter from

The Copyeditor’s Desk, Inc.

Volume 2, Number 1
February 2013

We here at The Copyeditor’s Desk hope your 2013 is going well – and that you’re still finding your audience and your best markets.

I’m writing to share an idea that may help the bottom line at your business or professional practice, and to report some fresh news at our end.

Book Publishing for Your Business’s Profit

By now, everyone who reads knows that massive change has come to the book publishing industry, largely driven by the rise of e-books and online retailing. In the second quarter of 2012, the market share for e-books was 22 percent of all spending on books, while mass paperbacks fell three percentage points and hardcover and trade paperbacks each fell two points. With the demise of Borders, Amazon increased its market share and by second-quarter 2012 outstripped Barnes and Noble by eleven percentage points.

These changes can work to the great benefit of anyone who owns a business or professional practice. E-books are relatively inexpensive to produce and, working through Amazon, can be produced in hard copy on a print-on-demand basis.

What does this mean for you as a doctor, lawyer, or business owner?

It means you can easily and economically use books in three crucial ways.

• To highlight your expertise in your specialty
• To educate or advise your customers, clients, and patients
• To enhance your visibility and reputation

E-books can reach your market inexpensively and with relative ease. You can sell or give them away on your website or, if you prefer, sell them through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or iBooks. And when hard copies are needed – say, to distribute or sell at a conference – print-on-demand services allow you to purchase only the number of copies that you need, eliminating waste and the need for storage.

Some e-books can be highly profitable on their own. The other day one of our clients called to say that her first e-book, which describes her experience with a currently popular diet plan, generated $6,000 in January alone.

Used as a business tool, electronic and print-on-demand books can  have many positive outcomes:

• Enhance your company’s credibility
• Present you as an expert
• Make you stand out from the competition
• Build your business’s reputation
• Increase traffic to your website
• Supplement speaking engagements
• Identify customers
• Educate and advise current and prospective customers, clients, and patients
• Generate prospects and revenue
• Generate sales

 Examples of success with this strategy abound:

• Mortgage broker Brian Sacks’s self-published book, Yes, You Can Get a Mortgage: Even If You’ve Had a Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, or Other Credit Issue, has generated a constant flow of customers and millions of dollars of revenue for his mortgage brokerage. Brian invites book readers to visit his website for more information and a personal evaluation. Quite often, this evaluation leads to mortgage services with fees ranging from $5,000 to $15,000.

• Susan Berkley’s self-published book, Speak to Influence: How to Unlock the Hidden Power of Your Voice, has sold over 14,000 copies. It’s now in the second printing of its second edition, and it continues to sell every month. Susan still gets quoted from her book, even today – years after the book scored blurbs in Glamour and Self magazines – without even trying.

• Jan Elsea, a successful communication entrepreneur who started in Arizona and built an international consulting firm, used her books, The Four-Minute Sell and First Impression, Best Impression, to help build and market her business, teaching communication skills to employees of large corporations.

The writers, editors, and designers at The Copyeditor’s Desk are experienced in producing books for publication, whether the topics are technical, scholarly, or of general business interest.

New Developments, New Staff

As the economy in general improved last year, so did the editing business. In 2012 The Copyeditor’s Desk did well enough to let Victoria step down from teaching to devote full attention to building our enterprise and to helping our clients create new and even better projects.

We’ve taken on several new editorial partners whose skills widen and deepen the services we can provide for you and your colleagues. Here’s how our team looks today:

A Ph.D. in microbiology with several respectable publications of her own. An editor at a scientific consulting company, she edits and writes technical copy in the life sciences and medicine, and she also has experience editing scientific papers in metallurgy.

A technical writer and editor in engineering. Employed as an editor at Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute, she oversees final publication of all the Institute’s technical research, which includes work in the areas of pervasive mobile computing, software architecture and analysis, large-scale systems, and cloud computing. In addition, papers that she has edited through her freelance work have won the 2010 HTS/Bodycote Best Paper Award and the 2005 Arch T. Colwell Merit Award.

A freshly minted lawyer with a master of fine arts in writing and extensive technical and scholarly editing experience.

An experienced lawyer and nonprofit entrepreneur, who has a stint at running a “green” business and broad interest in the graphic, sculptural, and musical arts.

An IT professional and former educator with experience in formatting content for e-book publication. He specializes in converting fiction and nonfiction books to Kindle format.

A multi-award-winning book designer. Former art director for Arizona Highways, she is presently the art director for a prominent Massachusetts trade book publisher.

A print and Web designer with more than thirty years of experience. He has worked with studios, advertising agencies, magazines, and corporations as an artist, art director, illustrator, and design director.

An experienced webmaster who can ride herd on your site, troubleshoot unexpected issues, keep software up to date, and maintain smooth operation at all times.

A project manager and experienced scholarly editor with a master’s degree in European history and an undergraduate major in Russian. Managing editor of Management and Organization Review, she also has extensive real-world management experience in the food industry.

And of course you always have access to me, a Ph.D. in English literature and history with twenty years of commercial and scholarly publishing experience and fifteen years in college and university teaching.

With this collection of talent, The Copyeditor’s Desk is now in a position to advise writers and publishers across a broad spectrum of scholarly, technical, and business interests, to help produce print and electronic books, and to assist you in almost any aspect of publication management.

The Copyeditor’s Desk is a member of the Society for Scholarly Publishing, the Council of Science Editors, Local First Arizona, the North Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce, and the Scottsdale Business Association. We have begun to focus on editing and copywriting for businesses and midsize to large nonprofits. But we remain enthusiastic about scholarly and trade publishing, and so we offer special rates for individuals and small nonprofits.

We look forward to working with you! When you have an idea for a new publication project, get in touch – and please remember, your referrals are always appreciated.


Victoria Hay
The Copyeditor’s Desk
Phoenix, Arizona

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